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Harper's Retreat

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Harpers Retreat Notice [Jun. 7th, 2007|10:21 am]
Harper's Retreat



Well, it's happened. no one has stepped forward to run Harper's Retreat this year.

Until now.

My lady has decided that it's too risky to lose both the weekend and the site where harper's retreat is held.  she put in a bid to run harpers retreat and was automatically awarded the event.  So we run it again this year.  The harp circle is her favorite and she's decided she can't bear to miss another one (we took a 2 year Hiatus from the event due to political bs and sheer burnout).

So the event is saved for one more year.  Unfortunately, the fighters won't be too happy with the refusal of a tourney at the site.  They'll just have to deal/ we didn't block fighting pickups on the beach, just no formal tourneys.

More details anon!